Friday, 27 November 2015

Imagine Jasper Ave

On Wednesday, the city held a consultation for Imagining Jasper Ave. The rebuild would happen around 2019-2020, and the concept plan to be issued next year. I attended that meeting, so if any of you got to meet me, I hope I said hello to you. I also gave one of you city officials the link to this blog, so I hope you are reading.

My vision for this area of Jasper Ave between 109 St and 124 St is a street which is car free, cycle friendly and people friendly, no car dealers, and where buses are fast and efficient.

One of the best symbols of this is how intersections at major cross streets are organized.

It has wide sidewalks, wide cycle tracks, bus lanes, and good intersection design. I will work on this some more over the next few days to explain, but this is the first part I want to show. 

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