Sunday, 20 March 2016

Safe Enough?

One thing I want to caution you about is whenever any road authority (provincial department of transport, the DfT in the UK, etc) says that something is safer, ask them to explain what they did, how they believe it is safer, and if the end result is safe, not safer. A decrease from say 100 injuries per year to 99 injuries per year at an intersection is not "safe" in my opinion, just that it is technically "safer".

And when they say that it conforms to their guidelines, ask them to produce a copy of their guidelines and get them to defend the guidelines. Ask them whether they ever considered using the Dutch guidelines given that it has proven to make streets safe in many cases and far safer in many others. If the end result does not meet Vision 0, as in, no serious injuries and no deaths and as few minor injuries and crashes, preferably 0, per year has not been achieved, then ask them why they don't adopt Vision 0. If an audit or other study about safety has been done, ask for a copy. If they are so confident in their design, then they should gladly give you a copy.

If they cannot defend their plan, then it must not be done and it must be changed if it has already been implemented. I encourage you to read the rest of these blog posts, to read up about Sustainable Safety and see how it has make streets livable and safe, and to criticize plans that fail by Sustainable Safety standards.

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